PRIVATE TOUR - From the most evocative squares in Rome to the Gianicolo

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Our tour will start from Piazza di Spagna, at the bottom of the spectacular steps of Trinità dei Monti, right in front of the Barcaccia Fountain, built in 1629 by Pietro Bernini and his son, the famous Gian Lorenzo.Walking through Piazza Mignanelli (which is where Valentino’s ateliers are located), we will reach the Fontana di Trevi, the biggest in Rome, created by Nicola Salvi in 1735: many says that it looks like it leans on one side of Palazzo Poli. The Fountain, already famous all over the world as a masterpiece of late Baroque era, has become a must see thanks to  Federico Fellini’s movie La dolce vita. In the movie, Anita Ekberg takes a bath in the fountain after a crazy night with Marcello Mastroianni. The legend says that whoever toss a coin in the water will  come back to the Eternal City.
After a short walk we will arrive at Piazza Colonna, whose name derives from the Marco Aurelio Column: from here you will admire Palazzo Chigi (House of Italian Government) and Montecitorio (House of the Italian Chamber).In few minutes you'll reach Piazza del Pantheon. The Pantheon is a round building, commissioned by  emperor Marco Vespasiano Agrippa in 27 B.C. It is dedicated to all past, present and future divinities. Moreover, It has been transformed in a christian cathedral in the VII century: it keeps the tombs of some Kings of Italy and the tomb of the painter Raffaello Sanzio.The cupola of the cathedral has a hole in the middle and it is the only light source inside the Pantheon.Wandering through the alleys in the centre of Rome and walking in front of Palazzo Madama (house of the Senate), we will see the church of San Luigi dei Francesi, where we will find three Caravaggio’s paintings, inside the Contarelli chapel: Saint Mathew's martyrdom, Saint Mathew and the Angel, and Saint Mathew's Vocation.
The tour will take you to Piazza Navona. Under this beautiful square the remains of the ancient Stadium of Domitian lie, where athletics competitions used to be held. Its actual shape is due to the noble Pamphili family, which was Pope Innocenzo X's family (a descendant of Lucrezia Borgia) who transformed it in a masterpiece of the Baroque era. At the centre there is the magnificent Fountain of the 4 rivers (the Danube, the Gange, the Nile and the Rio de la Plata) created by Bernini. In front of the fountain there is the suggestive Saint Agnes church designed by Francesco Borromini, Bernini's rival.
After a good, typical italian coffee break, we will proceed to Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, with its famous statue of Giordano Bruno, philosopher sentenced to death in the Inquisition era and burned alive in 1600.
Moreover, we will walk through the short Via dei Baullari (a street full of small, famous boutiques and restaurants) and reach Piazza Farnese, where you will admire Farnese Palace. The building was designed in the 16th Century by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Antonio da Sangallo, Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola and Alessandro Farnese (which became Pope Paul III in 1534). Nowadays, the building hosts the French Embassy.

To reach the last stop of the day, you will have to walk along the river Tiber, get on top of Colle del Gianicolo (where there is a cannon that shoots every day at 12 am) to reach finally the marvelous Piazza Garibaldi, where you will admire a unique sight. The famous italian Movie La Grande bellezza (movie by Paolo Sorrentino) describes the breathtaking panorama in the scene in which a japannese tourist dies from a heart attack by seeing Rome's overview.


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02/01/2016 11:30:30

Andrew L.

We loved this walking tour: we visited all the most important plazas in Rome and the guide was very good: we learned a lot of things that we would'nt have without a good guide! Awesome!

26/11/2015 12:57:15

Vega L.

une superbe promenade parmi les places de Rome...une très belle découverte! A' faire absolument

24/11/2015 19:13:15

Jordan K.

wonderful private tour. Really awesome

19/11/2015 19:05:15

Leslie T.

We simply loved this walking tour!

10/11/2015 13:27:15

Victoria C.

A fantastic tour. A great mix of fun and history thanks to a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide.