Private Tour with Skip the line - The Stadium of Domitian and Piazza Navona

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The Stadium of Domitian is the first example of brick masonry stadium in the history of Ancient Rome.
Its ruins were brought to light in 1936. It was a huge arena, 240 meters long and 65 wide, which would contain 30.000 spectators. The remains lie under Piazza Navona, indeed, all the buildings that faces the square lay their foundations on the bleachers’ ruins. The Stadium was commissioned around 86 AD by the Emperor Titus Flavius Domitianus. It was used for athletic contests, such as running or boxing, indeed, it was built in order to celebrate the Certamen Capitolino Iovi, a quinquennial competition, in imitation of the Olympic Games. The Stadium had been used until the 5th century. Starting from the 8th century oratories were built over the area, in the 13th century houses and towers and during the Renaissance churches and palaces. The Stadium is accessible from the square and is illuminated by the sunlight thanks to wide skylights. You will have the chance to admire bleachers, pillars and radial walls originally made of travertine then replaced by brick, in the curved side of the stadium.

Our tour will continue with the visit of Piazza Navona, a masterpiece of the Baroque era. At the centre there is the magnificent fountain of the 4 rivers (the Danube, the Gange, the Nile and the Rio de la Plata) created by  Bernini. In front of the fountain there is the suggestive Saint Agnes  church  designed by Francesco Borromini, Bernini's rival. 


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