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Here’s a tour that will leave you speechless. We will start when it gets dark, from piazza Venezia. The appointment is in front of Altare della Patria (ironically renamed “the typewriter” or “wedding cake”). King Vittorio Emanuele Il has commissioned it in 1861 to celebrate the unification of Italy and has been inaugurated by Vittorio Emanuele III in 1911. Inside the monument we can find the tomb of “Milite Ignoto”( the unknown soldier), in honour of the fallen soldiers who died during the 1st World War.

The tour carries on in “Via dei Fori Imperiali”: on the sidewalk you can see the perfectly illuminated ruins .The magnificent ruins show the glory in which the ancient city of Rome has lived starting from 46 B.C.

At the end of Fori Imperiali, stands the Anfiteatro Flavio commonly called the Colosseum, place for spectacular and bloody fights between the gladiators and then lions. The visit to the world’s biggest amphiteather starts from the groundfloor, here you can admire the perfectly kept dungeons.The tour will tell you everything about the gladiators, the immense public that supported them (just like we support the basketball or football stars), the historical evolution and the architectural aspect of the monument.Finally we will get to the upper levels for a complete view of the Colosseum ,till we will reach the terrace of Valadier, built in 1823. From this very high point of view, thanks to the perfect illumination you will be amazed by the breathtaking sight of the arch of Costantino and Fori imperiali. Useless to say that a “selfie” is a must!


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