About us

Choosing Italy as your destination means filling up your luggage with a mix of italian sounds, colors, flavours and culture.

We created VipinItaly to ensure that you will blend with Rome's atmospheres through a wide range of tours with our professional guides, for a unique and unforgettable trip.

You will be taken to a fantastic trip back in the ancient times, going from the 753 BC, when the city was founded. Walking through the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum, you will learn how the Romans and the gladiators lived in the ancient times.

We suggest you to visit the Vatican Museums in order to find out Raffaello's and Caravaggio's masterpieces.
Moreover, the baroque architectures will surprise you: they are in harmony with the ones from the 800’s and 900’s.
Riding a bicycle, you will go through the Via Appia Antica, with its precious archeological ruins and its majestic villas.
We also offer you the opportunity to take italian cooking lessons with our exclusive chefs.

Our team will be ready to take you to an adventure made of ancient legends but also italian art, history, flavours and aromas!

You will be a V.I.P. and not just a simple tourist, because with us, you will live the eternal city with the Roman's eyes day by day. Our team of guides truly know this city and will take you to find out the most fascinating aspects of Rome.
Buying our special cards, you will have the privilege to skip long queues at the entrance of all museums and monuments.
You will always be with our experienced, passionate and multilingual guides (italian, english, spanish, french, chinese and arabic), who will welcome you at your meeting point and make you feel comfortable during all the tour.

Chi siamo We will always be by your side during all tours. In case of rainy days, we will provide you k-ways and umbrellas. For the sunny days we will give you a hat and a radio to be in touch with your tour guide at all times.

Find out about our Gold, Platinum and Black Cards, to meet your specific needs!